Apple Pay Is Coming to BMI Federal Credit Union

What is Apple Pay?

BMI Federal Credit Union® is excited to announce that Apple Pay™ will soon be available to its members. This integration will allow BMI FCU members to link their accounts directly to Apple Pay, which will allow them to make on-the-go purchases directly from their phone.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay™ is a mobile wallet that will allow users to make purchases with participating merchants by using digital debit and credit cards saved on their Apple device. The new service was recently unveiled on October 20, 2014 for the iOS 8.1, but is still being slowly introduced to the market. What makes Apple Pay so unique is the ability to pay for goods and services not only in stores but in other apps, as well. Apple Pay will only be available on the following products iPhone 6® models, iPhone 6 Plus models and the upcoming Apple Watch®.

What is Apple Pay?

With the user's payment information securely stored, a purchase can be made with a simple tap on all devices capable of running the program. Apple has gone to extreme lengths to make sure its payment software is secure. The Apple Pay program uses Touch ID™ to ensure that you're responsible for all purchases on the device.

Apple Pay was designed to replace the wallet, as the simplicity of using a phone for purchases is much easier than rifling through a handbag or wallet to find a method of payment. Another thing to consider is the fact that the technology used in Apple Pay has quite a few years under its belt, so finding stores that accept this type of payment should be no issue.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

How Apple Pay Works

Apple Pay is fairly simple to use and set up, regardless of your technical ability. The app can be downloaded through the Passbook app and credit/debt cards can be added or removed at the touch of a button. If your card isn't already on file with iTunes then a new card can be scanned with your phone's camera and uploaded to the app.

Although most credit cards are often verified in seconds, sometimes your card may require a phone call, email or text message to complete the verification process.

Once your Apple Pay account is set up and fully operational, it's time to put it to use! All checkout systems that can accept Apple Pay have a built-in feature that displays the Apple Pay icon on your phone, which automatically gives you the option to pay with your phone. Your finger must be applied to the phone for confirmation of the purchase, ensuring that your're making an authentic purchase.