Comparison of Mint and My Finance Tool: Why My Finance Tool Is A Better Option

Today, it's quite important to have a firm grasp on your financial health. There is no doubt that a number of people no longer want to deal with a checkbook register. In many cases, these are no longer effective. You need to manage much more than dollars and cents, but also your credit report, your credit cards, and your overall financial opportunities. Two free tools are readily available to help you: Mint and My Finance Tool from BMI Federal Credit Union.

What Are These Tools?

Both Mint and My Finance Tool provide the same goal: to help you to stay on top of your financial health. They are both online services and neither one cost you any money to use. They are very user-friendly. That is, you just need to create an account and enter any outside account logins. Then they go to work for you to gather your financial information and help you to monitor your credit report, bank statements, and even your credit card offers. However, there's one big problem with using Mint: Your privacy.

Lack of Privacy and Security with Mint AppWhen you use Mint, you are agreeing to allow the company to gather your financial data for you from various sources. When you log in to create this account, you'll right away notice the marketing on the site. It's very much geared towards selling your information to third parties in order to present offers to you. That's not good. What's more worrisome is that you are granting a third party to access your financial information.

My Finance Tool is different. While you still have the same flexibility and access to all of these great offers, you are keeping your financial information secure. You're already a BMI Federal Credit Union member and for that reason, you don't have to expose your private financial information to a third party. That's quite important in today's world of Internet security and safety.

My Finance Tool Is Simple to Use and Benefit From

Once you create your BMI Federal Credit Union online banking account, you'll have access to My Finance Tool. It allows you to manage your cash flow, your budget, create goals for yourself, and to always know what your net worth is. In addition, you'll have a virtual financial advisor on hand to help you to make better financial decisions. You can see your debts, investments, cash, and credit card balances all in one place. More so, when something changes within this tool, we'll send you an alert so you can immediately take action if you need to do so. It's an incredible tool and this guide makes it easy to use.

When it comes to banking, it is important to use these tools. They provide the clarity and information you need to make wise financial decisions even when you are crunched for time. More importantly, you'll be working directly with your credit union when you use My Finance Tool. It's easy, fast, and very private. Keep your private information safe by letting our team help you to manage your finances online.