Getting Your Home Fall Ready 

5 Things You Can Do Right Now

It’s official, summer is overretired couple having fun and fall is here. While you’re sadly putting away your shorts and flip flops, it’s also time to start thinking about preparing your home for the colder months ahead. Follow these tips to make sure you’re not caught by surprise:

  1. Clean you grill and patio furniture before storage. Nothing’s worse than digging out your grill and patio furniture for a backyard barbecue and being greeted with grime and last year’s charred-on hamburgers. Save yourself some extra work next summer by cleaning your grill and outdoor furniture before putting it away for the season.

  2. Have your chimney cleaned. If you love nothing more than snuggling up in front of the fireplace, make sure your chimney is clean before firing it up. A dirty chimney could cause a chimney fire, which could destroy your home and cause injury, or even death. Take a look at this article from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, for advice on how to spot a chimney fire and how to prevent one from occurring.

  3. Check weather stripping around windows and doors. Make sure to go around your home and check all the weather stripping around your windows and doors. Damaged or worn weather stripping could lead to heat loss in the winter, which means higher energy bills for you. This article goes through the different types of weather stripping and how you can install them yourself.

  4. Clean your gutters. Before you pack away your garden hose for the season, give your gutters a high pressure hosing to remove any built up dirt or debris. After a proper cleaning, inspect your gutters for loose screws, leaks or any other signs of wear and tear. You’ll want to do this throughout the winter too, and check for any piles of dead leaves or pests that may have made their cold-weather home in your gutter system.

  5. Replace your air filters before turning on the heat. HVAC professionals recommend that you change your air filter every three months to keep your system running smoothly. Over time, dirt and debris builds up on your filter, which means your system has to work harder and doesn’t do the best job of keeping your house warm. This means a cold home and sky high energy bills.

Yes, we’re all sad that summer has finally come to an end. But use these tips to get your home fall-ready and you’ll be enjoying the season in no time.