Is Your Browser up to Date?

Why watch a movie in black and white when it's available in HD color? It's easy to say that most of us would choose the full-color clarity you gain with the newer technology. Similarly, while a few people still like old-model cars, the overwhelming majority of people would prefer the latest version for its convenience and safety upgrades.

The same applies to Internet browsers. A web browser is an important software application used by individuals to retrieve and present information online. Put simply, you will not be able to navigate and surf the Internet without a web browser.

How to Tell if Your Browser Is up to Date

There are four main Web browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Many people tend to use the older versions of browsers despite the fact that there are newer versions that could improve their ability to surf the Internet. There is an easy way to verify if you are using the most current release of your browser. You simply visit this website to run a quick check and then display on your screen the status of your browser. We consider this site to be safe, however, please be advised that this is a third party website that contains advertising material unrelated and unmonitored by BMI FCU. If your browser is out of date, please visit the official website of the manufacturer of your browser and download and install the current version by following the provided instructions.

Benefits of Using an Updated Internet Browser

Some of the benefits of updating your browser software include the following points.


An up-to-date Web browser will facilitate your ability to navigate the Internet more efficiently. Old browsers may not afford the user such easy access and navigability because things don't stay the same forever.

Online Banking Websites - Some websites, such as those for online banking, require the latest browsers to function better. Have you ever wondered why you are not able to open some pages or links on a website? Those problems may be caused because you are using an older version of the Web browser. For instance, your ability to use the best online banking websites may depend on the version of Internet browser you are using.

Did You Know?


As browser developers respond to newly-discovered vulnerabilities within their product, they frequently issue updates to fill those gaps. Therefore, an older Internet browser may be more prone to security attacks and breaches than newer software. Newer browsers come with better security against hackers, who are always seeking ways to steal personal information.


Using an old web browser may limit the level of support available. When you upgrade to the latest Internet browser software, your browser performs better and you have access to all the support features that may not be available with older software versions.

Browsing Speed

Many experts agree that old browsers are too slow compared to the latest upgraded versions. Your browsing experience is directly tied to the version of browser you use. For optimal performance, upgrade to the latest version of your favorite browser.

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