Save Money Effortlessly With Change Jar

With Change Jar at BMI Federal Credit Union your debit card transactions get rounded up to the next dollar, and all of the extra change gets deposited into a special high yield savings account. That change adds up over time, which translates to more savings for you. 

Easily Balance Your Checking Account

Sure, you can always log into your account and check the balance of your checking account. However, merchants can overcharge or accidentally double charge your account. The only way to recognize these mistakes is by keeping your own record of all transactions. Additionally, there are multiple ways to charge your checking account these days. You could use your debit card, bill pay, electronic check, auto-draft, ATM, or write a paper check. Not all of these transactions will instantly appear in your online account statement. If you overspend, overdraft fees can add up quickly. For these reasons you need to balance your checking account, but you can make it easier for yourself with Change Jar from BMI Federal Credit Union.

Now instead of keeping track of every penny, your transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar amount. That gives you much simpler numbers to deal with, which makes balancing your checking account a breeze. 

Save Money Without Trying

It doesn't matter if you're saving for a down payment, retirement, or an epic round-the-world vacation, everyone can benefit from saving just a little bit more each day. That is exactly what Change Jar does for you. Each time you swipe your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Then, the extra change is moved into your savings account. If you spend $9.01 then $10 will be taken out of your checking account and 99 cents will be deposited into the special high yield savings account. Change Jar makes saving money easier than ever. 

A Little Bit of Change Adds Up

Let's say you go out shopping this weekend and spend $49.13, then you have dinner  for $19.67, and top it off by filling your gas tank for $9.22. With Change Jar, your purchases will be rounded up to $50, $20, and $10, respectively. That leaves $1.98 to be deposited into your Change Jar account. It might seem like a small amount, but remember this is just the change from three purchase over one weekend. If you use your debit card 25 times a month, you could easily save $10 to $20 just from rounding up the change on these transactions. If you save an additional $20 each month, you'll have saved $240 by the end of a year. 

Signing up for Change Jar is easy. Simply log in to your account with BMI Federal Credit Union and follow the steps online, call our Member Services line, or stop by your local branch for assistance. Once your account is enrolled with Change Jar at BMI Federal Credit Union, watch your savings grow without even trying.