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Do More with Your Business

Whether starting your first small business, or learning to expand your thriving enterprise, we have the tools for you. Our Business Services include competitive Checking and Savings Accounts to ensure your business is well positioned to achieve your professional goals.

Business Checking Accounts
Our Checking Accounts include Business and Commercial Checking

Business Savings Accounts 
Our Business Savings Accounts include Regular Share Savings, Certificates, and Money Market Accounts 

Insider Resources
As a member and account holder with BMI Federal Credit Union, you will have access to our Insider Resources, including our Small Business Network for business services, and Merchant Services for payments. Learn business tips, how to build your website, hire your team, assess risk, manage HR documents, and market your company with Insider Resources.

BMI Federal Credit Union reserves the right to terminate an account relationship if an account owner engages in unlawful internet gambling or other activities prohibited by law.