Business Term Loan

A Term Loan gives you the freedom to finance a specific need for your business, such as equipment. Some example needs would include an auto loan, any machinery, an account receivable, a generator, or fitness equipment. 
man in shop using power drill

  • Fixed Rates
  • Unsecured or Secured with collateral

Contact a Business Lending Manager
A term loan is a critical component to making your business work. Contact Business Services at 614.707.4000 to learn more and begin your application process. Getting started is easy. You will be asked to present the following forms: 

  • Signed Complete Business Tax Returns - 3 years
  • Signed Personal Tax Returns of Guarantors  - 3 years
  • Signed Business Tax Returns for Guaranteeing Entities - 3 years: K-1 statements for all 

Please note additional forms and official documents will be required for loan approval. Your Business Services Manager will provide a complete checklist and assist you throughout the application process.

Business Account Requirements
View our checklist of required forms to open your new Business Account.


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BMI Federal Credit Union reserves the right to terminate an account relationship if an account owner engages in unlawful internet gambling or other activities prohibited by law.