All About Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your HSA? Find the answers here! 

Q: How do I activate my new HSA card?  

A: Easily activate your new HSA card by calling 1.800.290.7893

Q: How do I obtain a replacement HSA card?

A: For replacement HSA cards, call the BMI Federal Credit Union Contact Center at 614.707.4000, and a Member Service Representative will assist you. You can also stop by a BMI Federal Credit Union branch

Q: How do I set or change the PIN on my HSA card?

A: Easily set up or change your HSA card PIN by calling 1.800.290.7893.

Q: What should I do if I am locked out of my BMI Federal Credit Union account:?

A: Call our Contact Center at 614.707.4000and a Member Service Representative will assist you.

Q: How do I obtain an HSA card for an authorized dependent(s)?

A: To request additional cards for authorized users, the primary card holder must complete the HSA Visa Debit Card Authorization form. For a family HSA you will need to fill out the authorized signer form for spouse/partner to have an HSA debit card. You will need the SSN and the signature for the new/added authorized user. Please bring the completed form to a branch, or send it through our Secure Message Center.

Q: How do I change the HSA plan type from Single to Family or vice versa?

A: To change from Single plan to Family plan or vice versa, you will need to call our Contact Center at 614.707.4000 and a Member Service Representative will assist you. You can also stop by a BMI Federal Credit Union branch. For a Family HSA you will need to fill out the HSA Visa Debit Card Authorization Form for your spouse or partner to receive an additional HSA debit card for an additional authorized user.

Q: What are the contribution limits for Single and Family HSA plan holders?

A: For 2022, the Single plan limit is $3,650.00, and Family plan limit is $7,300.00 plus a $1,000.00 dollar catch up for age 55 or older.

Q: Does BMI Federal Credit Union provide checks with an HSA?

A: HSA holders will receive a special HSA debit card(s) and will have Bill Pay options, but checks are not included.

Q: Do I have ATM access for deposit and withdrawals?

A: Yes, a BMI Federal Credit Union HSA will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals at the ATM, but keep in mind that any withdrawals will be a normal distribution, and any deposits will be contributions for the current year.

Q: Does HSA account have in-branch and Online Banking transfer privileges?

A: If you have an existing HSA, you can transfer those funds to your new BMI Federal Credit Union HSA. Fill out the HSA Transfer Request Form, and submit it to the financial institution of your existing HSA to authorize transfer of funds.  If you wish to transfer funds between your HSAs, the transfer will be considered a normal distribution or contribution to the HSA for the current year.   

Q: How do I reimburse myself from my HSA? 

A: If you paid for a qualified medical expense not using your HSA debit card, you can get reimbursed from your HSA. To get the money reimbursed, you need to fill out the HSA Withdrawal Form. Once completed please email to Sheila McFarland,

Q: Does HSA account have Mobile Check Deposit privileges?

A: You will not be able to deposit checks remotely into your HSA like with a regular savings or checking account. You can deposit checks into your HSA in a branch or at an ATM

Learn More About Your HSA

Read about eligibility, contributions, distributions and more in our full brochure. For the full publication of guidelines and benefits for HSAs, visit

Who to Contact

For questions about your HSA benefit offered through your employment with the City of Dublin:
Janan Hay, City of Dublin Wellness and Benefits Coordinator
614.410.4463 |

Karen Hejmanowski, BMI FCU Business Development Manager
614.707.4127 |

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