Fun & Cheap Summer To-Do's

rain on a sunny dayWhen the Weather Says To-Don't

We sure love Ohio, but the weather doesn’t always love us back. The long, cold winters leave us ready for shorts and flip flops, but even the summers can be unpredictable. From scorching heat, to damp humidity, to flash flood rainstorms, we can’t always rely on the season. Here are some great tips for saving money and having fun on those tough-to-be-outside summer days.

Movie Theaters

Trips to the movie theater are not traditionally known for being cheap, but they can be! Summer is the perfect time for the half-off matinee, so hunker down with some free AC. Most theaters now also have membership “rewards” cards, where so many movies earn you free tickets or concessions. Theaters also rely on you to save your appetite for popcorn and sweets, so eat before the theater. Ask for an empty cup, and fill up at the water fountain. If you really need the full experience, go light and share your goods with a friend. And while it may not be smiled upon to BYOB, you can always enjoy a little more variety to your theater snackage if you're careful. Did we say that?

Columbus Museum of Art (CMA)

The Columbus Museum of Art is open almost every day, with beautiful collections of art from modern to contemporary, from glass to photography. While it is a bit smaller than say, the Met or the Louvre, highlights of the CMA include the greats, like Monet, Picasso, Cezanne, and Rockwell. You will also find artwork from local talent. In addition to the on-going attractions, new exhibits pass through our great Capital every few weeks. Bring your ID card for student, child, and senior discounts. Did you know that Sundays are completely FREE? While you're there you can check out the café and gift shop for fun gifts and souvenirs.

The Columbus Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

COSI is a not-for-profit science museum, and one of the most popular attractions in central Ohio. Explore everything there is to know about oceans, space and the Planetarium, technology and gadgets, energy, dinosaurs, and more! Much like CMA, the Center maintains rotating exhibits. COSI also has an incredibly lucrative membership program, for individuals and families who plan on multiple visits. With just two to three visits a year, it can pay for itself.

Social Meet Ups 

Making friends? There's an app for that! There are several social apps, like Skout, Meet Up (popular in Columbus), and MeetMe, where you can find like-minded folks ready to have fun! Use it to get through those gloomy summer days – or any days! Join a book club gathering, a knitting gathering, or even a people-who-like-brunch-and-dogs gathering. They even have gatherings for business and industry. When the weather clears, sign up for a hiking or camping gathering. Sign up and receive upcoming events to your email for free. Enjoy the infinite possibilities to meet new friends and learn something new. 

Indoor Get-Togethers

Gather your friends over for a pot-luck brunch or craft day. Each person can bring their favorite sharable dish for a potluck brunch, or plan their favorite DIY craft activity! Make it an activity for close friends, or the whole family!