Notice For Bill Pay Users

Effective November 16, 2016, Bill Pay will be disabling Digital Encryption Standard (DES) ciphers. Disabling DES ciphers limits security risks. Any Bill Pay users using a browser that depends on DES ciphers will need to use a more current browser to continue using Bill Pay.

To prevent Bill Pay disruptions, we recommend upgrading to any of the supported browsers listed below:

Web Browser Operating System
Internet Explorer version 11 Windows 7 and above
MS Edge - All versions Windows 10
FireFox version 31 and above Windows XP and above
Safari version 6 and above Mac OS
Google Chrome version 42 and above Windows Vista/7, Mac OSX
Mobile Browser Operating System
Native Android Browser (LG G3) Android v4.4.2+
Chrome versions 39 and above Android v4.4.2+
FireFox Mobile versions 8 and above Android
Safari iOS versions 8 and above (iPhone/iPad)
Safari iOS v5.0.1
Safari iOS v2.2

We always encourage you to use updated, secure browsers. Discover additional information about updating your web browser.