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The desktop version of our Online Banking system has a new look. We are continuing to give you a more unified experience on the various platforms available - mobile, tablet and desktop. The interface and features are consistent and intuitive, which makes managing your information simpler and faster on all platforms. As always, for the best experience, be sure you are using the most current browser version.

 This convenient guide is designed to help answer your questions about how Online Banking can help you manage your finances online.

User Guide

Mobile Banking

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with BMI FCU's Mobile App. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, members can check their account balances, transfer funds, pay bills and send and view secure messages on the go.

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Bill Pay

 With a unified look across all platforms, members will notice that Bill Pay has a new streamlined look. To use the full site (previous default) of Bill Pay, please select "Visit Bill Pay Site" from the "Advanced" drop-down.
What is more reassuring than being in control of your finances?  Staying in control of your bills! With Bill Pay, you have the ability to free yourself from the hassle of writing checks and the clutter that comes with the traditional ways of paying bills. Bill Pay won't make your payments disappear, but it does make handling your finances a whole lot easier and it can be done all in one place!
View this online overview, or watch the detailed video demos to learn more about our Bill Pay system. For more information you can browse through Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Features. Want to see how much you can save with Bill Pay? Find out more!
 Same-day payments from Bill Pay must be initiated by 2:00 pm EST.

My Finance Tool

My Finance Tool, a Personal Finance Manager (PFM), is an interactive, one-stop banking tool that allows you to control, view and manage every aspect of your finances. That's right, you will be able to view everything from other financial institutions to department stores, and even retirement plans, all your financial information is available in one place.
To learn more about My Finance Tool, view the User Guide.
Let the videos below walk you through the main functions of My Finance Tool, including Budgeting, Cashflow and Net Worth.

My Finance Tool Video Demos

Overview Overview Overview
Add Accounts View Historical Budgets Add Income
Searching Transactions Add Spending Target Add Bills
Tagging Rules Edit / Remove Target Selecting Accounts
Split Tagging   Mark Bills As Paid
Add Goal Overview
Multiple Goal Add Assets or Debt
  Edit or Delete
  Select Accounts


Alerts in Online Banking are delivered via email or text and notify you of certain transactions, balances and a variety of other alerts in real-time. Each tool within Online Banking has alerts specific to the functions performed by that tool. For example, in the Security section of Online Banking, you will find specific alerts developed to keep you informed of changes to your account and online profile.
We encourage you to explore all the various alert options that are available to you through our new Online Banking system. The alerts featured in this section will be used in Online Banking only. Information on alerts for Bill Pay and My Finance Tool can be found in those sections. Learn more from our list of Frequently Asked Questions.
Visa Card Alerts
We're looking out for you! With Visa Card Alerts, text messages enable you to monitor activity occurring on your BMI FCU Visa card, and respond immediately to fraudulent activity.
Feeling safer already? Give Visa Card Alerts a try. Follow this step-by-step user guide to enroll.