Updating Your Browser

In today's world, cybercrime is an all-too-common occurrence. It seems like a new virus attack, identity theft, or phishing scam occurs every day. In recognition of Cyber Security Awareness Month, BMI FCU wants to ensure you are being proactive in protecting yourself with some useful tips to keep your information safe. Throughout the remainder of the month, we will be sharing simple tips you can follow to keep yourself, your assets, and your personal information safe online. 

Recently, a third serious security vulnerability was discovered. Similar to Heartbleed and Shellshock, the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption) vulnerability allows hackers to intercept communication between your client and a server that is using the old SSL 3.0 encryption technology.  According to Google, an attacker that controls the network between the computer and server could interfere with the handshake process used to verify which cryptography protocol the server can accept using a "protocol downgrade dance". This will force computers to use the older SSL 3.0 protocol to protect data that is being sent. Attackers can then exploit the bug by carrying out a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack to decrypt secure HTTP cookies, which could let them steal information or take control of the victim's online accounts.

While most browsers have been updated with newer encryption such as TLS v1.2, this incident highlights the importance of frequently updating your browser, operating systems, and other software. If you run a browser, OS, or other software that is out of date, you are at risk for having your computer compromised by criminals. Hackers take advantage of software that doesn't have the latest security updates, so set your operating system and your browser to update automatically.

Windows, Macs, and virtually all browsers regularly provide free software updates - take advantage of this to close security loopholes!  And don't forget to treat your mobile device like your home or work computer. Keep your operating system software and apps updated, which will improve your device's ability to defend against malware. BMI FCU is committed to protecting you from identity theft and fraud, and with our new Online Banking system, we have incorporated the latest security enhancements to ensure we are always creating a secure Online Banking session for our members. However, your vigilance plays an important role because your online safety is our shared responsibility. For the most secure Online Banking experience, we strongly recommend frequently updating your browser.