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The first time that you log into Online Banking with BMI Federal Credit Union after the

upgrade, you will be presented with the following screen to opt in to the upgrade to

our new Online Banking experience. This new interface will provide you with greater

capabilities and a new look that is easy to navigate whether accessing our system from

your desktop computer, a tablet or any other smart device.

To Opt in to the Upgrade to the New Online Banking Interface:

Once you have entered your Login ID and password through the Online Banking login

page, you will be presented with the following options to opt in to the new Online

Banking experience.

Upgrade Later:

You will remain on the current interface for this session.

With this choice you will be presented the Opt In page 24 hours later.

Upgrade Next Time:

You will be logged in and your Online Banking

experience will appear and function as it had before. Your upgrade

to the new Online Banking interface will happen automatically the next

time that you login.

Upgrade Now:

You will be immediately logged in to the new Online Banking

experience that offers greater capabilities and a new, easy to navigate look.

General Information

Opt In to the Upgrade