BMI FCU Business Online Banking eGuide - page 33

We go where you go. With our Mobile, you can access your accounts
in just moments. When accessing Online Banking using a web-enabled
smartphone or tablet with internet access, you will have full capabilities
in Online Banking. However, an Online Banking mobile app is also
available for both Android and iOS users. So instead of spending
precious time running to the nearest computer or preferred branch,
we give you the control to manage your finances on your own terms.
Availability subject to approval
Begin by choosing
from the
1 | Check
Yes, enable my User ID and Password for use on my
mobile device
2 | Enter your
E-mail Address
3 | When finished, click
Note: Your user ID and password will be the same, regardless of whether
you’re visiting us from your computer or your mobile device. When you log
in for the first time you will be asked to register your device. You will be
prompted to receive a Secure Access Code (SAC) that you then enter on
your device.
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