Do Not Give Out Your Personal Information

BMI Federal Credit Union, like many other financial institutions, is experiencing a rise in fraudulent activities aimed at accessing member accounts illegitimately. These fraudulent attempts are coming from phishing scams via text, email, and/or phone calls. Some members have even reported receiving calls or texts claiming their BMI FCU card(s) have been locked, with the intention of a fraudster obtaining sensitive account details.

It’s important to note that BMI Federal Credit Union may ask you to confirm transactional information, and if you call us, we may ask questions to confirm your identity, but we will never, call, email, or text you directly and ask you for your:

  • Online Banking Credentials
  • 2-Factor Authentication Codes
  • Social Security Number
  • Account Number

If you receive any suspicious communications like these, please do not give out any personal or account information. Instead, reach out to BMI FCU directly at 614.707.4000 or send a message through the Secure Message Center within Online Banking to verify if these communications are legitimate.

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(June 2024)