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Our award-winning Financial Education Program is designed to help your every need, from starting a budget, to working toward a savings goal, or financing that dream home or car.

Our free financial services include one-on-one Financial Coaching in central Ohio, with Credit Union National Association (CUNA) certified Coaches.

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Certified Financial Coaches
Schedule your appointment today to meet in person or over the phone with a Certified Financial Coach* in Westerville, Columbus, or Dublin. Our coaches are certified through the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and are ready to hear your financial needs, concerns, and dreams.

Community Workshops
Free Community workshops occur frequently throughout the month, addressing the topics you care about. Workshops are held by top experts in lending, law, finance, hiring, housing, and more. Materials, coffee, and snacks are provided!

Online Learning Center
Our Online Learning Center provides instructional videos, interactive modules, and financial calculators to answer all the important questions to set you up for financial success.


*Coaches are located at every branch, and their services are offered FREE of charge to all members. Our coaches are certified through the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), and are required to be re-certified every three years.