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Free Financial Education for All Ages 

The BMI FCU Online Learning Center offers learning modules, articles, tools, and videos to help you learn what you need to know to make good financial decisions.

Personal Finance for Adults

The BMI Federal Credit Union Financial Education Center contains our mobile friendly series on the following topics. You can also create your own customized playlist.

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Video Series and Online Learning Dashboard

No one is born knowing how to manage their money, but we can show you how. Start with the videos below to get started. Select a video, or check out the full series of videos for money management

Building a Budget 


Know Your Checking Account


Online Learning Dashboard for additional in-depth articles and tools on a variety of personal finance topics.

Successful Starts for Young Adults (Ages 16-26)

Young adulthood is full of milestones. We offer several collections to empower and transition them into adulthood, like going to college, learning to budget, building credit, and more. Learn about paying for college and balancing finances with iGrad. Banzai Plus is an advanced budgeting simulation game that includes information on credit, budgeting and more.

Preparing Your Teens (Ages 13-18)   

Becoming a teenager means new and exciting responsibilities. Prepare them for making good financial choices. Our Money Basics modules helps teens understand checking accounts, how credit works, budget fundamentals, and more. Banzai Teen gives teens the opportunity to work through real-life financial problems.

Money Basics for Children (Ages 8-12)

A great place to start is with Teaching Kids Finances, a series of articles on how to help your child understand the basics of money, savings, and more. Your children can play our interactive online simulation game through the BMI Federal Credit Union Banzai program, Banzai Junior

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