Financial Education Coaching Agreement

Thank You for Your Interest in Contacting a Financial Coach!

Please read the following statements carefully and submit the form below. You must agree to the Terms & Conditions before submitting. 

Terms & Conditions

I understand the counseling provided by BMI Federal Credit Union is voluntary and free of charge.

I understand that BMI Federal Credit Union will provide a confidential personal financial assessment by a counselor certified by the Credit Union National Association.

I understand I may be referred to other services of the organization, community resources, or agencies as appropriate that may be able to assist with any identified problems. I understand that BMI Federal Credit Union is not responsible for any advice or information that I receive from a referred resource. It is my responsibility to contact and follow up with these resources for further assistance.

I authorize BMI Federal Credit Union to review my account and obtain reports from third parties, including credit reporting agencies, in order to better evaluate my financial situation and provide appropriate guidance.

I understand a counselor may answer questions about taxes, bankruptcy or other issues relating to my financial situation, but none of this information should be considered tax or legal advice. I understand the Credit Union does not provide tax or legal advice. If I have questions concerning a tax or legal matter, I should consult an attorney or tax professional.

I understand that this is not the type of financial counseling that qualifies as the required counseling prior to a bankruptcy. I also understand that BMI Federal Credit Union is not offering debt management services wherein we negotiate payment arrangements and/or interest rates with other creditors.

I have requested BMI Federal Credit Union provide financial counseling services regarding my personal financial situation. Financial counseling is based solely on the information I provide. I will provide accurate information, to the best of my knowledge, about all of my creditors and sources of income.

I understand that BMI Federal Credit Union makes no guarantees that this service will achieve any particular objective or outcome. Recommendations are provided in the form of advice. Following the Credit Union's recommendations is at my sole risk and BMI Federal Credit Union cannot be held liable for any actions I chose to take based on that advice.

I agree that BMI Federal Credit Union, its employees, directors, officers, and volunteers will assist without risk of claim, suit, action, demand, or liability of any kind. This concerns counsel of any nature now or any time in the future in connection with my participation in the financial counseling program.

I understand that BMI Federal Credit Union or I can terminate counseling at any time for any reason.

I understand that I may ask that our coaching session be conducted by video conferencing. If video conferencing is available, I understand that BMI FCU will schedule the session using their approved platform. I understand that BMI FCU will protect the information discussed during this session, pursuant to the ZOOM PRIVACY POLICY (, however, BMI FCU does not guarantee my privacy or information will be protected through the use of a Third-Party Video Conferencing Platform. I understand that BMI FCU will utilize all appropriate security features provided by the Third-Party Video Conferencing Platform to protect our conversation and information exchanged. I understand that I can request information regarding the Third-Party Video Conferencing Platform's privacy and security policies prior to the initiation of a session and can rescind my authorization to conduct financial coaching sessions through video at any time.

Upon submitting your form, you will be redirected to the Coaching Scheduler to schedule your session. If you have already scheduled your session, no further action is needed. 

This agreement is referred to as Form 7122.